March 22, 2008

Recurrence and bridging between Art and Design

The aspect of thematic recurrence is very interesting, specially when separated by more than 20 years.
In 1985 I used Chinese paper and inks and finished the painting with acrylics. It was my personal interpretation of a shan shui, a landscape painting with a surface covered by a very complex topography.
Then we just sent out our Easter Card to clients and friends. Suddenly it just made a click on my mind.
In our website main image the water is also topographic and an interesting relation can be found between the two.
This, I would say, creates one of the various threads I use in expressing my visual thoughts. Only that they are separated by 23 years, since our website was revamped early this year.
Meantime, Happy Easter!

: : Ars Cives Art Director : :

March 13, 2008

Academic Regalia in a Multicultural Environment

So as not to point out just things from long ago, here is a case study from about four years ago.
The Macau Inter-University Institute's rector has invited us for a challenging task. Although he is a PhD from an American University, the rector wanted that the Academic Regalia could be created based on the Sino-Portuguese Memories of Macau.
We therefore elaborated on an ideological-historical approach on the colors and values. We planned every detail and even created a necklace for the Rector based on the traditional jewells of China.
An entire website was built and can be viewed here with full explanations.
Never did our client questioned the design. He agreed with everything and we are proud to have developed a new Academic Regalia based on the request for History and the combination of East and West.
We still cater for the making of the regalia for new Bachelors, Masters and PhD's.

Hope you all enjoy.

: : Ars Cives Art Director : :