April 13, 2008

The Color Red and the Color Yellow

Sometimes a color can make a world of difference. In this case our case study was about the accent color for the magazine cover.

Red was very strong for the soft looking environment. We proposed yellow and we believe the result was so very harmonious. The dark gray lights against the sunlit background showing a river was the ideal connection for a little yellow and, we as people, need to see pleasant, restful things.

That is why color is so important, specially when it becomes subtle.

We wish you a pleasant and harmonious day.

: : Ars Cives Art Director : :

April 1, 2008

The Art of Void in Art Direction

We have been approached by the publishers of this Magazine to revamp their cover. After obtaining their permission to publish the present case study, here it is.
If you bear in mind the fact that we do not have a logotype, you will go back to our main page only to find an image of water, shapeless water that takes the shape of the vessel that contains it.
However by not having a logotype we happen to have an image that is ever present. When you wash your hands, take a shower, drink water or look at the sea, water is always present and it is an indispensable part of life. We would like to think it is a nice metaphor.

Therefore, when you create something, it does not need to have a brand of yours. We do not need to put our ego in what we create. We just absorb what is in it and recreate it.

The same principle of Void was used in the magazine design cover.

This is one of the ways we create. So very often it is only possible to upgrade but not innovate as some clients would want. Yet is is not less challenging. Especially when everything is explained to the client.

We are very happy with our clients. We hope they are happy with us.
Thank you.

: : Ars Cives Art Director : :